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Reducing debt one at a time!

Allocated Capital Group mediates all types of debt. 

Whether you are a business seeking help with your accounts receivable, looking to sell debt or trying to purchase debt. We are here to help you! 


Satisfactory Services  

Debt Collection

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Debt Brokering

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Debt Purchasing

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Our Experts Are the Finest

Allocated Capital Group provides accounts receivable recovery services to businesses large and small. We are the collection agency of choice to businesses the size of one-person shops, to many of the largest businesses in many states.

We serve clients in small/medium business, healthcare, retail, financial services, government, and commercial. We do not limit ourselves to anything! Any business that extends credit or expects payment in return for providing goods or services qualifies as a possible client of Allocated Capital Group. We offer competitive rates with no hidden fees. Most agencies charge for additional services such as skip-tracing and credit bureau reporting. All of these services are included in our service to you. Our reputation is our future and we strive to perform and produce for our clients. At Allocated Capital Group, we do not profit unless we produce for our clients. We will collect, buy and broker debt for our clients or in house debt purchasing. 



“They purchased debt from me that I needed out from quickly without the hassle”

Jessica Johnson


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1620 Pebblewood LN Suite #208, Naperville, IL, 60563

Tel: 630-808-1339

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